Project Description

Application & Standards:

They are used in the ground, in water, in cable ducts, outdoor and indoor installations, for industrial applications, power stations and distribution networks. This cable is also suitable for unfavorable operating conditions, specifically where there is a need to avoid water penetration both crosswise and lengthwise following mechanical damage.

Maximum temperature rating of the conductor: +90 ºC
Minimum installation temperature: -20 ºC

Cable Construction:

1 – Stranded RM copper conductor
2 – Inner semi conductive layer
3 – XLPE insulation
4 – Outer semi conductive layer
5 – Semi conductive swellable tape
6 – Copper wire screen
7 – Swellable tape
8 – PE coated aluminum tape
9 – PE outer sheath

~ IEC 60502-2
~ VDE 0276


Preview Data Sheet

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