Project Description


OPTIVINE’s drop fiber optic cables can be laid directly underground or installed aerial, reaching a span of 50m depending on climate conditions. A fully dielectric cable, can be rapidly installed due to micro-module easy strippable technology.

Cable Construction:

~ Central Micro-Module;
~ Optical Fibers;
~ Aramid Yarns as Reinforcement Member;
~ Inner Jacket (LSZH);
~ Water Blocking Yarns between Inner and Outer Sheath;
~ Strength Member: FRP inside the outer jacket;
~ Outer Sheath (Black HDPE)

Application & Standards:

~ For FTTH access networks.
~ Ensuring the connection between the junction box inside the building and the external point.

~ IEC 60794-1-2 – Basic optical cable test procedures.

Parameter Value
Fiber Type G.657A2
Fiber Count 2
Tube Count 1
Tensile Strength (N) 800
Crush (N/10cm) 2000
Cable Diameter (mm) 5.0
Cable Weight (kg/km) 22.5
Preview Data Sheet

The above design is only a sample of the options available. Contact our sales team for other specifications. Our policy of continuous improvement may result in a change of specifications without notice.