Project Description

Coating Options:
> PG – Pregalvanized
> HDG – Hot Deep Galvanized

Standard Lenght: 3000 mm

WRF: With Return Flanges

Application & Standards:
Perforated Cable Tray is a one piece support with ventilated (perforated) sections. These products are used to support power cables, control cables, or signal circuit cables.

Features & Benefits:
– Designed to support cabling in 3m spans or less.
– Two flange design is providing added overall strength to the tray. Perforated bottom design allows cable attachment, and heat dissipation.
– Polyconnect Cable Trays are available from 0,6mm up to 2,0mm thickness, featuring pregalvanised or hot-dip galvanized coating .

Preview Data Sheet

The above design is only a sample of the options available. Contact our sales team for other specifications. Our policy of continuous improvement may result in a change of specifications without notice.