Project Description

Coating Options:
> PG – Pregalvanized
> HDG – Hot Deep Galvanized

Standard Length: 3000 mm

Rungs per Length: 8 pcs.

Application & Standards:
Cable Ledders consists of two longitudinal side beams (members) connected by individual rungs (traverse). These products are used to support power cables or control cables. Ideal for offshore and modular applications where weight is a challenge.

Features & Benefits:
– Designed to reduce overall weight in weight sensitive environments while increasing strength.
– Slotted side rails reduce labor when splicing after cutting.
– Slotted rungs for cable and accessory attachment.
– Polyconnect Cable Ladders are available from 1.2mm up to 2,5mm thickness, featuring pregalvanised or hot-dip galvanized coating .

Preview Data Sheet

The above design is only a sample of the options available. Contact our sales team for other specifications. Our policy of continuous improvement may result in a change of specifications without notice.