Project Description


OPTIVINE’s microcables are compact and lightweight, designed for applications where large numbers of fibers are required and space is limited, especially used in data centers and metropolitan networks.
This outdoor allows a different installation technique where the cable is “blown” into micro ducts or plastic tubes much smaller than conventional fiber ducts or conduits.

Cable Construction:

~ Central Strength Member (CSM)- glass fiber reinforced plastic rod (FRP);
~ PBT Loose Tube filled with a suitable water tightness compound;
~ Optical Fibers;
~ Fillers (nature plastic rods when needed);
~ Dry core with water swellable elements for longitudinal water tightness;
~ Ripcord under jacket;
~ Outer Sheath (Black HDPE)

Application & Standards:

~ For access, distribution, City network and FTTx applications.
~ Fully dielectric cable.
~ Designed to be rapidly installed by blowing.
~ High blowing distance due to the excellent friction properties of the outer sheath.
~ IEC 60794-1-2 – Basic optical cable test procedures.

Parameter Value
Fiber Type G.652D
Fiber Count 96
Tube Count 8
Filler Count 0
Tensile Strength (N) 1000
Cable Diameter (mm) 6.1
Cable Weight (kg/km) 33
Preview Data Sheet

The above design is only a sample of the options available. Contact our sales team for other specifications. Our policy of continuous improvement may result in a change of specifications without notice.