Project Description


Micro-Module Multi-Purpose cables are used in various communication networks, including FTTH and long haul networks. Designed for aerial or duct installation the cable is ultra compact, lightweight and easy to handle .
Compared with conventional cables it shows a number of features that brings  benefits inducing significant time- and cost-savings during engineering, civil works, laying or jointing process.
This special indoor/outdoor cable contains bend-insensitive fibres G.657.A2, protected by easy strippable soft tubes.

Cable Construction:

~ Optical Fibres
~ Jelly
~ Easy strippable micromodule
~ Aramid Yarns
~ Waterproof Yarns
~ Strength Member (2×2 side FRP)
~ Outer Sheath (Black HDPE)

Application & Standards:

~ For aerial or duct installation;
~ Fully dielectric cable;
~ Easy strippable micro-modules  without any tools needed;
~ IEC 60794-1-2 – Basic optical cable test procedures;
~ XP C 93-850-3-25 – Color code of fiber optic cables;
~ ITU-T G.657A2 – Characteristics of a bending-loss insensitive single-mode optical fibre and cable;

Parameter Value
Fiber Type G.657A2 MOD12
Fiber Count 72
Module Count 6
FRP Count 4
Tensile Strength (N) 2200
Cable Diameter (mm) 9.5
Cable Weight (kg/km) 73
Preview Data Sheet

The above design is only a sample of the options available. Contact our sales team for other specifications. Our policy of continuous improvement may result in a change of specifications without notice.